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    hinese team○ at the 2015■ FIVB Volleyball ●Women's World Cup ■and the 2016 Su○mmer Olympic○s."The Asian Games● were special●," said Zhu. ■"Every team and ■every spik■er have their

    ■ own characteristi○cs and are worth lea○rn


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ing from," she s◆aid.Young spiker L●i Yingying were also● excited a■bout the win a●nd said she 〓had learnt ■a lot from the Game○s. "After so many ma◆tches here, I f●eel that I now have ●better control of th〓e ball," said the

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t world-level ○games, we have● to top th◆e Asian teams first,◆" said coac○h Lang Ping.Zh◆u said that j〓ust like they had○ prepared for the● Asiad, the ●team would also b●e dedicated to pr〓eparing for the upco◆ming World Cha

As■ian Games.For● China coach〓 Lang Ping, the gol◆d medal ha●s a special si○gnificance〓,

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〓mpionship ◆and analyze every 〓opponent."Ev●ery team is dif●ferent, and every ○game is also differ■ent. We will ◆learn from the〓 different games ○against di〓fferent opponents an●d do better in the〓 future," sh■e said.Pleas

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y the author of th◆e original book ○series Geo●rge R.R. M◆artin along with B〓ritish scre■enwriter Ja■ne Goldman●.The statement● added that the preq●uel, if picked up, ●will give vie◆wers the chanc◆e to see "the wo○rld's de


y, adding th●at she felt w〓inning the〓 gold medal ◆was like a gift fro◆m her team ◆to her for the ann○iversary.It was● also the first■ time for Chi〓na's star spi●ker Zhu Ting to

sce■nt from the 〓Golden Age of ?/p>

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ts da◆rkest hour."●No "Game of Throne○s" spinoffs, howe●

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